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Living Chi Feng Shui was founded and created by Grandmaster Gary Khor. There are times in our lives when everything seems to ‘click’ into place. We feel balanced, harmonious and most importantly, we feel happy. For thousands of years, the Chinese have studied the pursuit of happiness. They realised that while luck, fate and the will of the gods are significant players in our lives, there are certain forces that shape our destiny more than others. Feng Shui is the understanding of how the interactions between the natural forces of the universe can be used to move us in the direction of happiness. If understood and used correctly, feng shui can increase our chances of attaining good health, success, prosperity and happiness.

The ultimate goal of Feng Shui Gary Khor is to create happiness. The main principle is to balance the energy. Too much of anything is negative, you need sun, but if you have too much you get sunstroke. A good environment equals good energy, abundance and health. If your mind and body function well then you will be successful, happy and at peace.

Feng Shui Gary Khor says that one important aspect of Feng Shui is to be near water. Close proximity to water gives a better sensation and feeling for the individual. You do not need ocean views to have a home with good energy. “Being near water is very good, and we know most properties near water are more valuable, but we still need balance and you still need protection from the elements”. Having greenery around the home is very good and so is natural light. Feng Shui Gary Khor can help you understand why a property might not be selling and can help you make changes to appeal to the right buyer. 


Feng Shui Gary Khor 10 Top Tips

  • 1.
    Have a certified Feng Shui consultant advise you
  • 2.
    Ensure the entrance to the property is unobstructed and inviting
  • 3.
    Remove clutter throughout the interior and exterior of the property
  • 4.
    Clean water features including fish tanks, water fountains, ponds and pools. Never have stagnant water in or around the property
  • 5.
    Fix broken items and anything in disrepair, including painting walls and replacing worn carpet
  • 6.
    Have the property styled or at least looked at by a styling professional
  • 7.
    If there is a garden, make sure the plants are healthy and lush
  • 8.
    Limit unpleasant noise like loud traffic
  • 9.
    Where possible, keep windows open to allow fresh air and natural light into the property
  • 10.
    Remove dust, mould and dirt from all surfaces in the property


Feng Shui For Your Home, Office or Property Development. Get Gary’s expert advice on your Feng Shui set up. For more information, please contact us. Send an e-mail to info@australianacademyoftaichi.com.au.

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