Living Chi Fire Cupping

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“Living Chi Fire Cupping is a modality in Traditional Chinese Medicine where local suction with heated cups are applied on the skin. The therapy is less invasive and aims to move blood within muscles that are trapped. “

The cups can be moved to different locations and applied on many parts of the body. Areas such as the back, arms, neck, shoulders, thighs and buttocks. There is a technique of flash cupping where it can be done on the face to help bring warmth and blood flow.

What You Need to Know

Most cupping is generally applied on the entire back, depending on the practitioner, they may use fire suction technique or just pump suction. Fire suction creates a heat vacuum which stays within the cup pulling the skin. The heat helps to open the pores of the skin, relaxing the muscles helping you to relax and sync into the bed.

The colouration is an indication on the health of the particular part of the body. The colouration helps practitioners identify what is happening within the body at different locations. The treatment helps to move Qi and Blood that may be stagnant internally causing some pain and discomfort.  

Practitioner – Master Aaron Khor

Benefits of Living Chi Fire Cupping Therapy

Living Chi Fire Cupping is commonly used in combination with acupuncture, many people with musculoskeletal problems use cupping to improve their mobility and flexibility since the muscles have released tension. Some benefits of this therapy that may help managing symptoms of muscular tension are:


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