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Living Chi Remedial Massage comprises of both techniques from Remdial and Tui Na to help the body relax. “Full body massage is a long existing therapy that is used to help the body relax. Different hand techniques from different styles are applied to help target tight muscles within the body. “

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, Living Chi remedial massage helps to restore balance by helping the Qi and Blood move freely in the meridians. This helps with the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness of the body.

A remedial massage helps to relieve tension in the muscles allowing blood flow to increase which carries oxygen to help replenish and nurture the body. Improved blood circulation and relaxation can improve your concentration, mood, self-awareness and more. 

Practitioner – Master Aaron Khor

What are the benefits Living Chi Remedial massage?

Reduce stress

To relieve persistent tension and anxiety, getting a full body massage is one of the most popular reasons individuals make the appointment. You may unwind, release any physical stress, and enhance your mental and physical health with the aid of a soothing massage and calming music.

Relieve muscle injury

For good reason, you'll frequently see football players and other athletes receiving an on-field massage following a game; this technique helps ease stress, promote better muscle recovery following strenuous activity, and lower the chance of injury. Regular full body massages can help you stay in peak physical condition all year round, whether you're an avid runner, frequent gym goer, or participant in sports.

Better blood circulation

You'll benefit from greater circulation and more flexibility following a complete body treatment since a massage helps to promote blood flow, which in turn increases the oxygenation of cells. You'll experience an overall improvement in health as a result of better circulation, including enhanced focus and even more radiant skin.


So, what can you expect from a full body massage? Here’s a breakdown of what to expect before, during and after your massage therapy:

Before your Remedial massage

In order for your massage therapist to work their magic, you will need to take off any tight clothes before you start. Your therapist will allow you space to undress and settle into the massage table. The therapist may massage your back unhindered if you are wearing a bra and don't want to take it off. Just unclip the bra at the clasp.

During your Remedial massage

You will usually need to lie comfortably on your stomach so that the therapist may start your massage by stroking your shoulders and back. Next, if it has been agreed upon, the therapist will massage your buttocks in addition to your legs and feet before moving on to massage your arms. After that, you'll turn to be on your back and have a head massage from your therapist.

Playing soothing music, carefully lighting some scented candles, and letting yourself drift into a calm mood may all help you create your own at-home spa atmosphere. Being able to step back from any persistent anxieties, issues, or stress is crucial since a massage is as much about the mind as it is about the body.

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