Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Living Chi tai chi and qi gong

Living Chi Tai Chi – “We can design a session for your workplace or special event. Topics can include:- Stress Management in the Workplace, Relaxation, Energise your Body.”

Living Chi Tai Chi is a form of moving meditation that has been practised for thousands of years in China. It is based on continuous flowing movements and performed in slow motion to enhance co-ordination, balance and focus on deep diaphragmatic breathing. Through practice of the art, one seeks to harmonise internal energy by promoting a balance between mind and body. 

What You Need to Know

Tai Chi has relaxing and calming effects by due to it’s non-strenuous movements, it makes it suitable for all ages. It helps to develop self awareness mentally and physically. Tai Chi is the physiotherapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tai Chi’s therapeutic effects are used to help treat many conditions such as stress, depression, insomnia, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, aches and pain and many more.

At Living Chi of Tai Chi, we want to introduce this ancient form of moving meditation to everyone. We offer an extensive range of Tai Chi classes in Sydney as well as online Tai Chi courses. Indeed, since the pandemic, we have witnessed more people taking up Tai Chi online to find relaxation in what has been a challenging time for everyone. If you want to learn Tai Chi online, we have skilled and vastly experienced teachers who are familiar with providing Tai Chi classes online. Indeed, by many, we are regarded as offering the best online Tai Chi classes for beginners in Australia!

Along with offering Tai Chi in Sydney, we are also experts in Qigong, providing Qigong for beginners in person or Qigong online. Qigong is often referred to as Chinese yoga and follows many of the same principles as Tai Chi. Qigong in Sydney is being taken up by people of all ages but is popular with the older and more gentile groups. Our coaches have lots of patience and will take the time to ensure that you perfect the moves, minimising the risk of injury. This applies to all our Qigong for beginners classes, regardless of whether it is Qigong online or Qigong in Sydney.

What Does Qigong Mean?

What does Qigong really mean? Qì has several layers of meaning. Qi is translated as ‘energy’, ‘ether’, ‘matter-energy’, ‘vital force’, ‘life force’. The main difficulty of translating the word Qi is its versatile nature. Whereby Qi can assume different manifestations and be different things in different situations.  

In the Chinese written character, Qigong is written as  It means breath, the function that enables the body to circulate the oxygen. Other meanings of Qigong include vital-life energy, internal heat, steam-like vapor for mobilization of blood, internal power, an inherent oxygen in the blood, and externally expressed power.

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